Keeping Tabs on Teen Drivers

Company assists parents who want to keep an eye on their teenage driver. Concerned motorists are asked to "Tell my parents how I'm driving" and are provided with a website and toll-free number where they can do just that.

Backseat Drivers has launched their teen driver safety monitoring program. The company helps parents stay informed on how their teenager is driving, even when parents aren’t in the car.

Backseat Drivers provides a bumper sticker with a short ID number that asks concerned motorists to “Tell my parents how I’m driving” and provides a website and toll-free number where they can report what they observe. Reports are forwarded to parents by email so they can discuss any feedback with their teen driver and work with them to improve safe driving skills.

One of the program’s main goals is to make teens think twice when they are behind the wheel -- knowing that their parents might find out.

Backseat Drivers also offers a fundraising program for schools and community organizations. “Giving back to the communities we serve is very important to us. We know that schools and groups are always looking for new and fun ways to raise money for supplies, trips, or other needs. We hope that we can help them raise some needed funds, while also making those neighborhoods safer for everyone. It can really be a win-win situation.”

The company founder, a former high school teacher, developed the idea after seeing a teen driver speeding along the highway. “It was completely unsafe; not only for that inexperienced driver, but also for all the other drivers on the road. Right after that I passed a tractor trailer that had a ‘How’s my driving?’ sticker on it and I thought ‘A-ha! This would be a great idea for teenage drivers!’”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSB), motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United State, killing over 5,000 teens and injuring over 400,000 in 2003.

“I know that when I was a teenager, I made some dangerous driving decisions and sometimes rode in the car with people who did, too. It is pretty much just luck that no one I know got seriously injured or worse during high school.”

Interested parties can find more information and sign up online soon at

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